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About Me

Laura Lawrance
Owner & Head Trainer

The purchase of my first Doberman Pinscher, Phoenix, marked the start of my career. Phoenix was an absolutely wonderful puppy, but her high prey-drive broke through the surface rather quickly. After trying effortlessly myself to modify this behavior, I sought out the help of a professional to aid in her recall. What I thought would be a few obedience lessons quickly turned into not only a hobby, but a passion. Every day, I worked Phoenix over and over, perfecting any task we were sent home with. Phoenix’s trainer gave me confidence not only in my dog, but in myself. Learning the art of dog training made me hungry to learn more. There’s no other word I’d use to describe dog training than REWARDING. Ever since I started training with Phoenix, something was pulling me toward the world of dog training. Her trainer told me on many occasions that I had what it takes to be a dog trainer. I would talk about it for countless hours with friends and family. Finally, I realized it was time to take a massive leap and start a new career. Before I began training with Phoenix, she was an obedient dog, but now, more than ever, she is a Fiercely Loyal K-9. For that, I will be forever grateful for Phoenix's trainer. Let me power through obedience with your dog to build not only their confidence, but your confidence in your K-9.


  • Lucky Dog Pet Services - Intern 

  • Coastal Pines K-9 Working Dog Club

  • Coastal Pines K-9 Obedience Workshop - 2021

  • Michael Ellis Three-Day Workshop - 2021

  • The Principles of Dog Training 1 - Michael Ellis - 2021

  • The Electronic Collar Training - Michael Ellis - 2021

  • NePoPo® Theory Webinar by Lauren Turner - 2021

  • NePoPo® Seminar by Hans Verbruggen - 2021

  •    Fiercely Loyal K-9 & Hopeful K9 Training Services Obedience Workshop - 2021

  • Leash Reactivity - Tyler Muto - 2022

  • NePoPo® Obedience by Rebecca Sholtis - 2022

  • PSA Handling Workshop by Janet Edwards - 2022

  • Deadpool Decoy by Shawn Edwards - 2022

  • NePoPo® PSA Handling Seminar by Rebecca Sholtis & Dallas Hamilton - 2022

  • Motivate - Communicate - Coach by Pat Stuart - 2023

  • NePoPo® New Silver School by Bart & Michael Bellon - GRADUATE - March 2023

Owner & her Doberman Pinscher, Phoenix.
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