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Check out what client's of Fiercely Loyal K-9 are saying!
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"Our German Shepherd Lily was struggling with both potty training and basic obedience. We reached out to Laura in hopes that she could help us with our Lily girl. 
Lily did a board and train program with Laura and we couldn't be happier with the results. Her potty training issues are solved and her basic obedience is top-notch now.
Laura's commitment to Lily and to dog training surely shined through. Lily will continue to see Laura in the future for off-leash training.
Our family would recommend Laura from Fiercely Loyal K-9 to anyone looking to enhance obedience in their pup!"

Jacob M.


"Fiercely Loyal K-9 has exceptional dog training services that have helped my dog Niko learn, practice, and perfect basic everyday commands. Laura is a wonderful trainer who has patience, dedication, and love for all in her care. She has an eye for seeing what needs to be done and what the best plan of action would be. I highly recommend Laura and Fiercely Loyal K-9 to anyone that needs and would like their fur best friend to be the best they can be both in the home and out for play."

Sierra W.


"We set up a time for training for our puppy Maggie, with Laura, as Maggie was a wild little one. Within a few days we saw a big difference. She was calmer, listened a whole lot more, sat, came, laid down and walked on a leash without pulling. We would recommend anyone who needs help in obedience training with their dog to get in touch with Laura. Her love and passion for training dogs is well worth your money to call her and make an appointment. Thank You Laura! Paul & Lois Pestritto & Maggie too!"

Paul & Lois P. 


"Laura is absolutely amazing! She is a very kind and dedicated trainer. I brought my puppy Scout to Laura because she was giving me a hard time on walks as well as lunging at other people. In just 3 weeks, Laura not only trained her, but she also went above and beyond to give me the tools to build a successful relationship with Scout. Walking my pup has become a pleasant experience. No more pulling or lunging. I highly recommend fiercely loyal k9! You will not be disappointed. I am absolutely satisfied with the results that Laura has given me and am so happy I found such a hardworking and dedicated trainer. With Fiercely Loyal K9 you have a trainer who is fantastic at what they do and will work with you even after the fact. Any questions or concerns is a phone call away."

AnnaMarie R.


We were recommended Laura from one of my coworkers who like myself found herself newly pregnant were a rambunctious puppy! We had seen one trainer prior to seeing Laura and Laura was just such a breath of fresh air! She is literally the one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet! When she came to our home it’s like we had been friends for years she observed our puppy and set short term attainable goals each week! Our particular dog is very headstrong and strolled willed to the point where we were unsure if we were able to keep her with the new baby coming ! But with Laura’s help Sansa has progressed so much in such a short time!  Laura even did a day train with her while I was at work to get some extra training in! I will literally never use another dog trainer ever again! Laura is simply the best! 

Emily N. 


Laura combines love for dogs and insight into their behavior with expertise as a trainer. She's also great at teaching people how to keep their canine family members obedient and content. She has done wonders for our dogs, Lulu and Lazar, and helped us give them a happy home. 

Sylvia D. & Jon C. 


I contacted Laura to help with leash training my one dog and to help with jumping on people when they visited. We’ve had 2 training sessions so far and I have seen such an improvement with my 2 oldest dogs. Walks are now enjoyable and we’re excited to get our puppy trained with her too. She’s knowledgeable and amazing with positive reinforcement. My dogs get excited when she comes to the house and they’ve only seen her 3 times so far! She keeps up with her clients and checks in to see how training is going on your own. I would highly recommend her!

Kelsey S.


I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone I know. Laura truly loves animals and is amazing with training them and it shows. She helped us train our dog to become a therapy dog and we couldn’t be happier.

Melissa S.

daisy may.jpg

Laura is very knowledgeable and experienced in dog training. She is very attentive and responsive to my dogs needs. Laura keeps in contact and is on time for each of my dogs training appointments. Laura is very flexible with my schedule.

Scott B.


Been working with Fiercely Loyal K-9 for three weeks now and my 3 year old beagle improve greatly. I highly recommend Fiercely Loyal K-9 for anyone looking for a local trainer. Fiercely Loyal K-9 works not just with your dogs but with you as well. They are will to come to your home if you are unavailable to meet.

Lacey L.


I’m a local breeder of Cavalier King Charles, recently one of my dogs was attacked during a walk. Since this she became extremely reactive on the leash and began chasing people and vehicle up and down our fence. I contacted Laura to help with this and she was great, she came to our house saw the issue and worked with us over a course of lessons to desensitize her. She even brought her own dogs along also to help with the process and my kids wanted to see her beloved Phoenix. She has also helped work with my youngest cavalier who was starting to dart through the door into our living area. I knew this would eventually progress to the front door so she started teaching him back and to wait to go through. He picked it up immediately over one lesson and we still practice with him at home. I would absolutely recommend her to help with any training issues big or small. I have referred her to two friends who also have cavaliers and will continue to do so. She’s kind and patient, we only wanted to use positive training methods and Laura was happy to do this with us. She’s flexible with lessons and really loves what she does and it shows in the beautiful relationship she has with both of her dogs.
It’s so worth the time and effort to have a happy and well trained member of the family.

Kelly B. 


We needed training for our puppy and Laura was able to come to our house to work with us. She is very dedicated and is really good at what she does. It is a pleasure working with her and we plan to work with her more in the future.

Dawn M.

odin and ronan.jpg

Laura is great and she is very helpful! We have a highly reactive dog and she has been able to help us get some of his behaviors under control. We worked on basic commands, leash training and some reactivity. We still have a ton of work to do but now we definitely have the support and education we need to make it happen. Highly recommend Fiercely Loyal!

Avery B.


Laura helped us correct our dog behaviors. The lessons learned were sit and stay. They have learned how to go out the front door without pulling, barking and walking without being distracted by other people or animals. She was professional and courteous!! Thank you!

Aireon C.


Fiercely Loyal k9 transformed my puppy from a monster to a calm affectionate puppy. I am thrilled to be able to give him affection without being bitten to the point of visiting urgent care!! Thanks Laura!

Ann & Bruce S.


Highly recommend! Owning a dog training business and being in the industry I know a dedicated and informational trainer when I see one! Laura is always willing to go above and beyond to help you and your dog be the absolute best you can be! Very proud to work with such a highly motivated trainer, who is always striving to be better! You will not be disappointed!

Tom L.


Laura was amazing. I am incredibly thankful for the job she did. Navi was a very active dog that needed obedience training she was hyper with no manners. and Laura worked wonders on her. Navi is well mannered and listens so much better. This was the best decision I could have made and having Laura work with her was more then worth it. If you are looking for help with your animals Laura was very knowledgeable, kind hearted and the best to get the job done. Thanks again for everything.

Tina O. 


Laura is the best! She has worked with my high-energy, high-drive, goofy, dog since he was a puppy. She is patient, very knowledgeable and puts her heart and soul into her work and develops a strong working relationship with the dogs she trains that is centered on trust & positive reinforcement. I continue to send my pup to Laura for day-trains to brush up on his obedience skills and also went to her for off-leash training. My dog loves the time he spends with her because he gets to learn & she keeps it fun for him. (A huge plus for training at a young age!) I am so happy to have found Laura, she is the reason I have been able to develop the amazing relationship I have with my dog! Her training programs are well-worth it!

Kacie F. 

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